Sunday, May 31, 2009



The following tutorials will give you some hands-on practice in playing, recording, and mixing your projects. If you have not already done so, you may want to refer to SONAR Basics to get the most out of these tutorials.

Note: If, during installation, you chose in the Select Components dialog not to install the Tutorials folder (part of the Sample files), you will not have access to the sample tutorial files needed to follow the tutorials in this chapter. If you didn't install these files, insert your product disc and copy the files to your hard drive.

Tutorial 1--The Basics

Tutorial 2--Recording MIDI

Tutorial 3--Recording Digital Audio

Tutorial 4--Editing MIDI

Tutorial 5--Editing Audio

Tutorial 6--Using Groove Clips

Tutorial 7--Mixing

Tutorial 8--Using Soft Synths

Tutorial 9--Drum Maps

Tutorial 10--Cyclone Soft Synth

Sofware terbaru yang saya miliki adalah Cakewalk sonar 8.